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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Duxbury to Duxbury, MA Move 5/24

On Friday, May 24th, five movers arrived at the Casey Movers office at 6:00 in the morning. They were scheduled to move a couple out of their 4 bedroom home in Duxbury (Duxbury Movers) to another house just across town.

The couple, Debbie and Dave, had decided to go with Casey Movers after receiving a call from one of the ladies in our sales department. Later that week, we delivered 20 free moving boxes to the couple as a sign of gratitude for choosing to move with Casey Movers.
The five movers arrived at the customer's home at 8:00 on the dot, right on time.
The Casey Movers trailer in front of the customer's house.
The Casey Movers' tractor trailer.
The five movers, Matt, Tim, Scott, Danny and Jorge, didn't waste any time getting started. They introduced themselves to the customers, went over the paperwork with them and then began to load up the tractor trailer.
The men split up the responsibilities to save time - while some of the men ran boxes to the truck, others took apart the furniture and bed frames before carefully wrapping each piece with heavy duty moving blankets to keep the pieces spotless.

Tim and Scott...
...working hard!
The movers have a special way of loading a trailer so that all the furniture, boxes and other belongings are secure and protected. They load the larger, heavier items on the floor and stack the smaller items and boxes on top, so nothing is crushed. 
Matt loading belongings into the trailer.
The movers brought plastic mattress bags for each of the customer's mattresses. They brought a few bags of each size, covering the customer's king size, full size and 2 twin size mattresses. That way, the mattresses stays nice and clean through out the move.

Danny loading up boxes into the trailer.
Once the load up was complete, the movers took Debbie and Dave on a walk through of their old home to make sure everything was in order. After they were completely satisfied, the men hopped into the truck and headed across town to the customer's new home.

The movers arrived at the customer's new house and started unloading the trailer immediately. They were not going to waste any of the customer's time or money!

The customer's new home! (Duxbury Movers)
The ramp leading up to the inside of the trailer.
The movers unloaded each item out of the trailer and into the new house. They were extremely careful when handling the customer's belongings, the men treated it all like they were moving their own home. The men had Debbie and Dave's life in their hands, so taking every measure of safety was a given for these movers.

Once the movers had unloaded every piece of furniture, every box and every belonging into the new house, they started arranging each room just the way the customers requested. The movers arranged and organized the entire house, then took Debbie and Dave on one final walk through to confirm that everything was up to their standards. The couple was thrilled with the move as a whole, they had nothing but good things to say about the movers and the company.

Matt, Danny and Scott with Dave.
The customers, Debbie and Dave, had wonderful things to say about the movers and the company in the Casey Movers Customer Comments and in the Angie's List Review. Debbie told us that she would definitely use Casey Movers again in the future.

The Angie's List Review.
The Casey Movers Customer Comments.
It was another great day at Casey Movers! Call us at 1-800-482-8828, we are standing by. If you prefer to email, you can reach me at Ask about our free boxes. We offer free in-home estimates and consultations. Call us today, you will not be disappointed! : )

Monday, June 3, 2013

Benefits of Storage Units

    If you have moved to different destinations during your life, chances are you have experienced the need to obtain a proper storage unit during your moving process. There are reasons aplenty to rent a unit of that kind, however not all units are the same. The following tips are meant to help you make better choices when the time comes.  We begin with the following tips and guidelines:
·         Using pallets
    One of the most essential and important aspects of dealing with storage is to keep your items off the floor of your storage unit. Even though companies take precautions against moisture and water, you should make sure your belongings are properly protected before you can be certain things are nice and secure. Using pallets will help you fix the issue, as it will raise your belongings slightly off the ground.
·         Wrapping
    Every time you have to use a unit, you will have to wrap your belongings to prevent any dust from collecting on them as well as other unpleasant occurrences. You should use plastic wrap to seal the more sensitive items, ensuring their safety.
·         Using proper locks
    Even though the storage units themselves have good security, you should never underestimate the ability to protect your belongings with better measures. You can find a padlock capable of withstanding weathering and a strong one at that, which resists attempts at opening with a bolt cutter.
·         Labeling is key
    Although you may know what you're putting inside your storage unit, you may need to make an inventory list with all the details surrounding them. A few months down the line you may have forgotten what was where and you will need all the help you can get to make things right. Label all boxes by room, contents and whether they are fragile or not. Make sure you keep a written and digital inventory list for your convenience so you will be aware of the exact locations of objects. Following a system of labeling with numbers involved will allow you to control the final result.
·         Planning for changes
    Although your country may have stable weather patterns, you might consider securing your belongings against changes in it. Alterations between hot and cold could cause condensation, which in term may cause mold to appear among other things. You should pay special attention to any extra sensitive items such as old photographs, art, electronics and vinyl records as well as anything else capable of being hurt by water damage.
·         Prepare for winter
    In many cases outdoor storage units may have frozen areas in front of their doors despite the measures taken by companies against that. You should consider being prepared if you want to take anything out or bring anything in during the season in such cases.
·         Ensure proper stacking
    If you have ever played Tetris, then you you know importance of stacking. In the case of storage, you will need to put heavy boxes on the bottom and light ones on top to prevent caving of the breakable items you put in the light ones. Make sure you don't stuff a large box full of heavy things or you will have great difficulties trying to move it.
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