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Casey Movers

Monday, February 25, 2013

Plymouth to Plymouth, MA Move 2/22

On February 22nd, two movers drove out to Plymouth (Plymouth, Ma Movers) to move a customer from her old 3 bedroom home to her new house at Pine Hills (Plymouth Movers).
The customer, Denise, first heard about Casey Movers from a telephone call from one of our company representatives. Denise used Mary Elizabeth Pacheco from Seagate Properties as a realtor to move out of her old home.

The movers, Matt and Tim, arrived at Denise's Plymouth home right on time, like always. The did not waste any time starting to load up the bright yellow Casey Movers truck.
The bright yellow Casey Movers truck.
Matt and Tim loading up the truck.

The inside of the Casey Movers truck.
The movers made sure everything was padded and covered before it went into the truck, including the mattresses covered with plastic mattress bags. Once the load up was done, they went straight across town to Pine Hills and began to unload. They worked hard for 7 hours straight to load and unload Denise's belongings. At the end of the day, Denise was very pleased with how the move went.

Denise had excellent things to say about the movers in the Angie's List review and the customer comments. It was another great day at Casey Movers :)

"The BEST moving job ever!! They worked above and beyond the call of duty." -Denise R.
"P.S. They need a raise!"

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You won't be disappointed!