Casey Movers

Casey Movers

Monday, March 11, 2013

Wrentham to Uxbridge, MA Move 3/7-3/8

On a cold, snowy Thursday, four movers rounded up their materials and hopped in 2 trucks. They drove out to the customer's 5 bedroom house in Wrentham to load up her belongings. The customer, Pamela, first heard of Casey Movers from her realtor, Elizabeth Schultz of Avenue 5 Real Estate.
The previous day, two movers had went to Pamela's house in Wrentham for a pack job. So when the movers arrived the next day, everything was good to go.
The four movers arrived right on time at 8:00 in the morning and wasted no time starting the load up. The movers introduced themselves to the customer, Pamela, and began loading up her belongings.
The Casey Movers truck at the customer's house.
The four movers, Matt, Tim, Ronnie and Jorge, wrapped all the furniture with moving blankets and shrink wrap. They made sure everything was safe and secure in the truck.
Tim and Ronnie with a wrapped up piece of furniture. 
Tim bringing a box out to the truck.
Loading up the truck.
The movers worked very hard for hours and hours. By the end of the load up, the customer was very happy. Casey Movers was going to hold Pamela's belongings overnight until she was ready to move into her new home in Uxbridge.
A few days later, on Sunday, the movers drove out to Pamela's new home and unloaded everything just the way she wanted it. It was another great move from Casey Movers!
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