Casey Movers

Casey Movers

Monday, February 3, 2014

Watch what this Casey Movers driver did

By Steve Casey

Steve S. was proud of himself for navigating this difficult drive way.

Casey Movers utilizes trailers in the length of 28-53 feet for their drop and go capability. It is not unheard of for issues to come up during a real estate closing and we are often encountered with the question... "can you hold my goods for a couple of weeks?"

By using tractor trailers it is possible for us to say "Yes!" There is no need to find a storage space and double your labor costs by offloading and reloading the truck. By keeping all of your goods on a trailer, the possibility of damage due to over-handling is minimized.

28 foot trailers make great substitutes for straight moving trucks. They are small and more agile than their larger counter parts and can even be used for shuttling and have no problem navigating most urban areas.

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