Casey Movers

Casey Movers

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Braintree to Braintree, MA Move 3/25

On the morning of Monday, March 25th, 4 movers started the tractor trailer and the yellow box truck in the parking lot of Casey Movers. They had arrived at the shop at 7 in the morning and gathered their supplies for that day. They grabbed a couple plastic mattress covers, a 2 wheeler, a 4 wheeler, and then made sure that there was plenty of moving blankets in the trucks.
Casey Movers was moving a couple, Lisa and Shawn, from their 3 bedroom home in Braintree, MA (Braintree Movers) to another house just across town. The couple had heard of Casey Movers from an open house they had attended, and again from a free box promotion we offer.

The Casey Movers truck and tractor trailer in front of the customer's home.

The movers arrived at the customer's Braintree (Braintree, MA Movers) home around 7:40 AM. The 4 men hopped out of the truck and got started right away. They introduced themselves to the customers, went over the paperwork with them, and then began moving. They ran box after box out to the truck, wasting no time at all. They also wrapped each piece of furniture with a moving blanket to keep it in pristine condition. The customers, Lisa and Shawn, were very pleased.

Jorge running boxes into the truck.
Matt and Jorge organizing the truck.
Once both the truck and the trailer were all loaded up, the movers immediately drove across town to Lisa and Shawn's new home. Like before, they wasted no time beginning to unload the customer's belongings. The worked and worked and worked some more, until the customers were 100% satisfied.

Tim, a happy mover :)
After the move was complete, Lisa and Shawn had no complaints. It was another great move from Casey Movers (The Braintree Movers)! Call us at 1-800-482-8828, we are standing by. Ask about our free boxes. We offer free in home estimates and consultations. You wont regret it! :)