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Casey Movers

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cohasset to Cohasset, MA Move 4/23

On a rainy Tuesday, April 23rd, five movers waited patiently inside of the Casey Movers office while the crew leader got all of the paperwork together for the move. Once the tractor trailer was all warmed up in the parking lot, the men jumped in and headed straight for Cohasset.
The 5 men were moving a couple, Tom and Sue Ellen, from their four story home in Cohasset to another house about 15 minutes down the street. They first heard of Casey Movers from a former client plus a family friend. The couple used John Durkin from Coldwell Banker as their realtor to sell their old home.
The tractor trailer in front of the customer's home.
Once the 5 movers arrived at the customer's home, they got started right away. They introduced themselves to the customers, went over the paperwork with them and then started loading up the truck. They didn't want to waste any of the customer's time.
The movers, Matt, Tim, Jorge F, Jorge M and Dave, had to work quickly but carefully because they had to move everything in the large house in a short amount of time. They used plenty of heavy duty moving blankets to cover every single piece of furniture to keep it all in pristine condition. The movers also brought mattress bags to cover the customers 3 twin beds, 5 full beds, and one queen size bed, so the mattresses would stay nice and clean through out the move. They brought plenty of other supplies to make sure everything in the house would stay in excellent condition during the move.
The customers also owned a pool table, which takes a professional to take apart. Luckily, one of the movers that was on the job knew how to take it apart. Casey Movers always comes prepared. : )

The inside of the trailer, halfway through the load up.

Once the movers were done loading up, they immediatly got back into the trailer and drove across town to the customer's new home. They started unloading right away.

Lifting a large piece of furniture.

Getting a good grip, then carrying it down the ramp.


 The movers from Casey Movers are wonderful at working as a team. In pairs, they carried all the heavy furniture into the house. They arranged it just the way the customer asked for. The men worked hard into the evening to get the trailer unloaded. When the move was complete, Tom and Sue Ellen were very pleased with the outcome. The couple had no complaints.

The customers and their family with 3 of the movers.

 The customer wrote excellent things about Casey Movers and their movers in the Angie's List Review and in the Casey Movers Customer Comments.
One of the customers, Tom, wrote "Great job, great crew - PROS."

The Angie's List Review.

The Casey Movers' Customer Comments.

 It was another great day at Casey Movers! Call us at 1-800-482-8828, we are standing by. If you prefer to email, you can reach me at Ask about our free boxes. We offer free in-home estimates and consultations. You will not be dissapointed! : )

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