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Casey Movers

Monday, April 29, 2013

Post-Move Decorating

 Moving to a new home means dealing with a lot of details. You will need to do much, such as unpacking your belongings, setting up your furniture and arranging everything in its proper order. Regardless of what you do however, you will still need to adapt to living in a completely new place, so making it more familiar or cozy should be a top priority if you want things to go smooth.

There is hardly an easier way to do this, except by properly decorating the walls and interior of your home. Decorating must be done when you have a new home unless you want your new place to resemble a hospital or a warehouse. Decoration is something personal, so your ideas are what will literally shape the future of your home and your life ahead of you. Before you begin, you should consider making a careful plan for how each room should look like. Writing down and sketching out how you want things to look will help you greatly as you get to the execution of said decorations. After all, you don't want your place to look mediocre and boring.

Consider the priorities of certain rooms and how you want them handled overall. While some rooms will bear more significance than others, you should focus on those that are visited more often than others. The living room will most likely be your first choice, seconded by your bedroom and so on. Working a room at a time will allow you to focus and keep things easy to handle.

Consider what necessities you'll need when you are done moving. Much of the possessions from your old home will find their way into your new one, however you will also need to downsize and abandon some of them. Look for a way to combine new purchases with the style of any old items you own to create a synthesis of styles that works to your benefit.
Decoration should be done after you are done setting up of course, but before you deal with that you might consider repainting or reapplying wallpapers to the walls if the need arises. Arrange your furniture in a way that fits your needs, then decide where you want to setup the decoration pieces. The best way to go about this is to tie up the looks of the furniture with the proper accessories. These can be pretty much anything, ranging from picture displays, books, curtains, vases and a whole other variety of items. The main point of this part of the decoration process is finding the right combination of items that creates the best possible visual effect. Does the room feel cozy, or does it feel boring and dull? It all comes down to this and the practicality of the whole decoration deal, making sure you'll find it easy to clean them months down the line when the need arises.
Working on a budget is a necessity, as some of the decorations might be a bit steep if we're not careful. The fact that these will occur after a move means you will have expended a decent amount of money getting to your new home, thus you will need to address that issue. If you are not quite certain how you want to approach the decoration of your home, try to find inspiration in the wide variety of different styles around the world, conveyed by magazines, websites and more for a combination which works best for you.

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