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Casey Movers

Friday, April 26, 2013

Milton to Wareham, MA Move 4/25

On Thursday, April 25th, two men arrived at the Casey Movers office early in the morning. The two movers, Donald and Danny, were moving a customer out of her house in Milton, MA and to two separate locations, one in Wareham and the other in Norwell.
The customer, Gale, first heard of Casey Movers when she received one of our postcards. When selling her house, she used Gail Nocera from Coldwell Banker as a realtor.
Donald and Danny left the office at 7:30 AM on the dot, and arrived in Milton 30 minutes later. They wasted no time getting started. They introduced themselves to the customer, went over the paperwork with her, and then began to load up the truck. The customer told us later on that she thought the 2 men "arrived promptly, very professional and courteous."

The Casey Movers truck, ready to be loaded!
The two movers took extreme precaution went loading up the customer's furniture - they wrapped it all in plenty of heavy duty blankets and put another layer of shrink wrap on just to be safe. These movers never cut corners.
The customer, Gale, was also taking her grandfather clock to her new house. The men made sure it would be perfectly safe through out the move. They used heavy duty blankets, shrink wrap an even some cardboard. The customer was very pleased with how the two movers handled her belongings.
Once the movers were finished loading up the customer's items, they hopped right back into the truck and drove to Wareham, where most of  Gale's things were going.

Donald unloading the truck at the new house.

 The men unloaded the truck quickly but carefully, because they still needed to make one more stop in Norwell, MA before the move was done. The pressure was on to finish in that amount of time they had!

But Donald and Danny, being from Casey Movers, finished just in time. They made sure everything was perfect for the customer before the move was complete. They arranged the furniture just the way the customer wanted it in both Wareham and Norwell. The customer couldn't be happier with how the move went. The customer, Gale, wrote excellent things in both the Angie's List Review and in the Casey Movers Customer Comments.

The Angie's List Review.

The Casey Movers Customer Comments.
 It was another great day at Casey Movers! Call us at 1-800-482-8828, we are standing by. If you prefer to email, you can reach me at Ask about our free boxes. We offer free in home estimates and consultations. You won't be disappointed! : )