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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Scituate to Marshfield, MA Move 4/12

 On Friday, April 12th, three movers arrived at the Casey Movers office early in the morning. They started up the tractor trailer and collected their gear before heading out to Scituate. They were scheduled to move a customer from her 3 bedroom house in Scituate to her new home in Marshfield.
The customer, Kevin S, first heard of Casey Movers when he saw one of our trucks with our name on it. Kevin also received one of our post cards that gave him all our info how to contact us. His realtor for his new home, Elizabeth Judge from Conway Realty, also put in a good word about us.
The movers arrived a little before 8 AM, right on schedule. The introduced themselves to the customer, went over the paperwork, and began loading up the truck.
The tractor trailer in front of the customer's Scituate home.
The 3 movers, Matt, Tim and Danny, worked as a team to get the job done without any complaints. Before carrying the furniture out to the trailer, they wrapped it all in heavy duty moving blankets to keep it in the condition it started in. They covered the customer's 2 full, 2 twin and 1 king size mattress with plastic mattress covers to keep them nice and clean during the move. They also brought 4 wardrobe boxes, which have a bar across the top of the box, for the customer to hang all his clothes up. They even placed a trail of moving blankets down the hall to insure that there would be no damage to the hardwood floor.
Danny standing over the trail of
moving blankets.
The movers wasted no time during the load up, and as soon as they were done, they hopped in the truck and headed straight to Marshfield for the unload.

The inside of the loaded up trailer.

When they arrived at the customer's new Marshfield home, they got started right away. They backed the tractor trailer right up to the front door so they could carry in the furniture and boxes quickly.

The tractor trailer backed up right in front of the customer's new Marshfield home.

The 3 movers brought in all of the Kevin's belongings and furniture before arranging it just the way he wanted. He was very satisfied by how the men worked and the outcome of his move. He had no complaints and was a very happy customer. 

Matt and Danny with the customer's wife.

Kevin had great things to say about the movers and the whole experience in the Casey Movers Customer Comments and the Angie's List Review.

The Casey Movers Customer Comments.
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It was another great day at Casey Movers! Call us at 1-800-482-8828, we are standing by. If you would rather email, you can reach me at Ask about our free boxes. We offer free in home estimates and consultations. You will not be disappointed! : )