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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hanover to Scituate, MA Move 5/23

On Thursday, May 23rd, four movers arrived at the Casey Movers office early in the morning. They were scheduled to move a couple, Steve and Diane, to their new home in Scituate, MA (Scituate Movers). Casey Movers had already loaded up the customer's home in Hanover (Hanover Movers) on a previous day, and had held it in the trailer until the couple was ready to move into their new house.

Steve and Diane had first heard of Casey Movers from a postcard they received from our company in the mail. The couple's realtor, Michelle Lanyard from William Raveis Realty, had good things to say about Casey Movers as well.

The four movers drove the already loaded truck out to Scituate, arriving right on time. They didn't waste any time getting started - they introduced themselves to the customers, went over the second part of the paperwork and then started unloading.

The Casey Movers truck in front of the customer's house.
The customer's driveway was long and narrow, so the tractor trailer could not fit. The movers knew this in advance from the estimator, so they brought a smaller truck to shuttle all the belongings and furniture up the driveway to the new house.
The four movers worked as a team to load up the smaller truck, drive it up the driveway, unload the truck and then do it again and again in a reasonable amount of time. Each item in the truck was wrapped in heavy duty moving blankets, so everything arrived safe and sound.

The ramp leading up the the truck.

The four movers, Matt, Tim, Scott and Jorge, worked non-stop until the entire trailer was empty. Once every item was inside the new home, they started arranging the belongings in each room and organizing everything just the way the customers wanted.
Tim and Jorge working hard!
Scott, a happy mover :)
After the movers had completed arranging the customer's home, they took Steve and Diane for a final walk through to make sure everything was in order. The couple had no complaints and were completely satisfied.
The four movers geared up to leave once they got the okay from the customers. They packed up all their tools and gathered up all the moving blankets and pads to fold and stack back up in the truck.

Folding pads in the truck.

Jorge folding more pads after a long day of moving.

The customers, Steve and Diane, had excellent things to say about the four movers and the company. In the Casey Movers Customer Comments, they wrote "They were very personable and accommodating at the same time. We would recommend them to others."

The Casey Movers Customer Comments.

The Angie's List Review.
It was another great day at Casey Movers! Call us at 1-800-482-8828, we are standing by. If you prefer to email, you can reach me at Ask about our free boxes. We offer free in-home estimates and consultations. You will not be disappointed. : )

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