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Friday, May 17, 2013

Packing essentials and moving home - How to make your relocation easier

Packing an essentials box before moving home is something that can be easily overlooked in the stress of moving day, but can make a world of difference when it comes to unpacking and getting settled in your new home. Below are some tips on what to put in your essentials box, and how having one handy can make your relocation easier.

What is an essentials box?
The purpose here is to pack a box or case with everything that you might take for an overnight stay in a hotel or if going on holiday. The idea is that once you have arrived at your new home, you can unpack this box first, and take some time to enjoy your new surroundings while taking a break and getting refreshed before tackling the unpacking.
Essential kitchenware
Ideally, youll want to pack everything you need for a basic bit of cooking and eating. This will probably include a frying pan, a pot (for pasta or rice), a set of cutlery for everyone and some plates and bowls. Food wise, try including anything that is fairly quick and easy to cook. Pasta and rice is always useful, along with any canned goods that arent too bulky. Some bread, milk and tea will be very useful too, so you can have a hot drink once youve arrived. Having all this prepared also saves you money on the inevitable first night take away costs that you might incur otherwise!
Essential clothing
You wont need too much here, simply take some sleepwear, a comfortable set of tracksuit bottoms or jeans that you dont mind getting a bit grimy when you unpack, and a change of clothes for the next day. This way you can get changed after the hard work of unloading the van and feel refreshed. By having a change of clothes for the next day too, you dont have to worry about getting the unpacking done the same day you move in.
Essential Toiletries
Once again, simply pack everything you need for an overnight stay. Things such as toothbrushes and toothpaste, and any other products you need to use on a daily basis. You might also want to bring a few towels along and some soap or shower gel, so you can take a well deserved shower after unloading, and have everything you need accessible for the next morning.

Other essentials
It can also be useful to bring along things like a laptop or two if you have already organised your internet connection at your new property, plus things to do while travelling, such as books etc. If you are moving with children, then let them choose a few of their favourite toys they can bring along too, as this can avoid them getting bored or rooting through boxes for something to do once youve arrived. If youre bringing pets, then bring some bedding and a few toys for them too, so they can get settled once youve unpacked.

Finally, remember to pack your essentials box last. It should also be the first thing you unpack. Once youve arrived, you can have a cup of tea and something to eat, and then start thinking about unpacking everything else. You might prefer to simply bring this along with you if youre travelling by car or van, so you have it handy if anyone needs a snack or so on during the journey.
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