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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Milford, MA to Palm Coast, FL Move 5/22

On Wednesday, May 22nd, two movers arrived at the Casey Movers office early in the morning. They were scheduled to load up a customer's 2 bedroom home in Milford, MA and have the tractor trailer ready to be driven to a town called Palm Coast in the state of Florida.
The customers, Dave and Rosemary, found out about Casey Movers from the Yellow Pages. After calling our office at 1-800-482-8828, the couple learned that Casey Movers performs out of state moves on a regular basis. We have moved people all over the United States - from Massachusetts to California, Washington, Florida and numerous other states.
The two movers, Jorge and Kevin, arrived at the customer's Milford home right on time. They arrived in the Casey Movers uniform- navy blue collared shirts with black pants, looking very professional. The two movers began right away, they introduced themselves to the customers, went over the paperwork with them and then began to load up the trailer.
Jorge in his uniform, working hard.
Since the customer's load was being driven all the way down to Florida, the movers took extra precaution when loading up the furniture and the rest of the belongings. The men wrapped each piece of furniture with heavy duty moving blankets and pads, and even added another layer of shrink wrap or even cardboard from boxes for extra protection.
The two movers also brought plastic mattress bags from the Casey Movers office for the customer's two queen size mattresses. With a mattress bag, the bed stays nice and clean from all the elements during the move.
The inside of the trailer, halfway loaded!
The two movers packed up the truck nice and neat, to the standards of the company and the customers. Since the load gets packed tightly, nothing moves around or slides out of place during the drive down to Florida, so the customer's load arrives in pristine condition. That way the move continues smoothly and everyone is happy!
The movers took a "household goods descriptive inventory" while they were loading each item into the truck. Writing an inventory helps the customer in addition to the company because it keeps a detailed description of each item so everything can be accounted for. The movers added every belonging to the inventory list, from a bicycle to the entertainment center to the customer's office chairs. After the inventory was complete, the movers had Dave and Rosemary read it over to make sure they agreed to the information stated before signing it, making it a valid document.
The two movers, Jorge and Kevin, worked vigorously the whole day, and showed excellent teamwork during the job making Dave and Rosemary very happy customers.

The ramp leading up to the tractor trailer.
When the tractor trailer was all loaded up and ready to go, Jorge and Kevin took the customers on one last walk through of their Milford home just to be certain that all the items that were going to Florida were already in the trailer. The customers felt that everything was in order and the load up was complete. 

The customers, Dave and Rosemary, told Casey Movers that the movers were so great, plus gave the company an A rating for the move overall! In the Angie's List Review, the couple said they would definitely use Casey Movers again in the future.

The Angie's List Review.
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