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Casey Movers

Friday, May 10, 2013

Norwell to Norwell, MA Move 5/10

On Friday, May 10th, three movers arrived at the Casey Movers headquarters early in the morning. They were scheduled to move a customer from her 2 bedroom home in Norwell (Norwell MA Movers) to a new home just across town.
The customer, Claudia, first heard of Casey Movers from online research,
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The movers arrived at the customer's Norwell home right on time. They wasted no time getting started. The movers introduced themselves to the customers, went over the paperwork and began to load up the truck.
Jai and Scott loading a piece of furniture into the truck.
Bringing the furniture out of the house and loading it onto the truck.
The three movers, Jai, Scott and Ronnie, took very good care of all of the customer's belongings. They used plenty of heavy duty moving blankets to wrap each piece of furniture in, and double wrapped some of the items with shrink wrap for extra security. They used more blankets to cover the customer's beds to keep them nice and clean during the move.
They made sure everything was packed nice and tight into the truck so everything would get to the customer's new home in the same condition it started in.

Jai loading a mattress into the truck.
Once the movers completed the load up, they hopped right back in the truck and headed across town to the customer's new home.
Once they arrived, they got right back to work. They unloaded each item out of the truck carefully but quickly and brought it into the customer's new home. They placed each item exactly where the customer wanted it, so that the house was all ready to be lived in after the movers left. 

Ronnie carrying a chair into the house.

Jai and Scott carrying a large piece of furniture into the new house.
Once everything in the truck was unloaded and everything in the house was arranged just the way the customer wanted it, the move was complete. They customer, Claudia, was very pleased with how the move went and how the movers performed. She had excellent things to say in the Casey Movers Customer Comments and in the Angie's List Review.

The Casey Movers Customer Comments.

Jai with Claudia, the customer.
It was another great move from Casey Movers (The Norwell Movers)! Call us at 1-800-482-8828, we are standing by. If you prefer to email, you can reach me at Ask about our free boxes. We offer free in home estimates and consultations. You will not be disappointed :)